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Welcome to the most trusted lawn treatment service provider in Spokane Wa!

Lawn maintenance requires special care from experts to achieve a nice landscape for your home or business. We understand that you are quite busy with your affiliations and that you do not have time to manage the lawn. Or, you are not so confident about your lawn weed control abilities that you need professional help. Do not be bothered by this matter. You can count on Lawn Care Spokane when it comes to different types of lawn care services.

As a dedicated company, we assure you of receiving an impressive lawn mowing service and overall yard maintenance. Our specialists have been serving in this industry for several years.

We offer yard maintenance services including fertilizing, yard cleanup, lawn mowing, aerating, and weed control. You can also contact us immediately if you need thatching, edging or lawn restoration services.

About Lawn Care Spokane

Since the establishment of our company in this city, we never failed to serve our valued customers with honesty and keen attention to details. We have been founded with the goal of providing satisfactory Spokane lawn service at cost-effective rates to the locals and the city’s surrounding areas.

Our ultimate mission is to provide our clients with superb quality standards of lawn care. We establish long-term relationships with our clients in every project we make, whether it is small or big one. Our specialists will make your imagination or creative plan into a real masterpiece. We are here to help you make your dreams come true.

We guarantee comprehensive services for Spokane lawn care. We completely understand the essence of outdoor aesthetic value of your home or business. This is the first part that your special guests, potential business partners or new clients will see before entering your place.

We accept simple and complex projects for homes and businesses. We will take care of your lawns until they become an important part of your biggest investments. There are several lawn care companies that also offer yard maintenance Spokane. However, our clients know how different we are when it comes to commitment and technology.

Why Choose Us?

Tools and Equipment

We have state-of-the-art tools and equipment that will be helpful in our future projects no matter how complex they may be.

Thanks to our experienced specialists and technology, performing jobs like dethatching, lawn fertilization, or even lawn treatment Spokane becomes so simpler and faster.

Polite and Friendly Staff

We know that the success of every business comes from happy and satisfied customers. But, we also believe that having these customers start with producing the most reliable and customer-friendly staff members. A smart employee is useless if he does not show politeness towards the customer. We carefully select and enhance the work ethics of each staff to ensure smooth transactions within the workplace.

Length of Service

For a couple of years, we have been a great choice for homeowners and company owners.

We have been serving the community for several years. We are proud to share our knowledge and expertise in all aspects of lawn service.

Affordable Rates

This lawn mowing Spokane company offers free estimates. All you need is to book an appointment to prioritize your concerns on your most convenient date and time.

When it comes to price rates, we provide affordable solutions to meet your needs and standards.

What To Expect

We will conduct mowing service on a weekly basis to prevent the lawn from overgrowing. Our experts follow steps and observe safety standards to ensure great cuts all the time. We do the following preparations:

  • Changing the cut direction
  • Sharpening our mower blades
  • Utilizes high-quality equipment.
spokane lawn care services

Our Spokane lawn care keeps homeowners and businesses away from worries of ruining their lawns caused by lack of expertise in proper lawn care. We maintain excellent grass cutting service and cheap lawn mowing.

Our customers love our services because we fulfil what we have promised. If we meant to go to your place at a specific time, you will surely see us there. We never leave our tasks undone and unclean. We work quietly, but we communicate with them clearly.

To get started with the project, we need you to provide information about the type of lawn service Spokane you want to get done. As our agents have fully understood what you want us to do, we will give you a short briefing about the type of service you have chosen. Then, we will go on the day of the scheduled appointment and get the project done as promised.

We are also one of the most recommended lawn fertilizer companies in this city. We follow our personalized program that meets your lawn’s needs for weed control and proper nutrients.

Our Services

As we grow, we add more kinds of lawn service Spokane to cater to your needs. We provide you the list of our main lawn cutting services and lawn maintenance Spokane projects to serve as a guide:

spokane lawn mowing

Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing in Spokane has improved a lot with the help of our specialists who continuously learn and adapt to the latest trends for better lawn cutting service. We provide residential and commercial landscape maintenance. Our team will conduct preliminary analysis to provide the most appropriate care and treatment for your lawn.

spokane lawn edging


Your lawn care Spokane WA may need edging to primarily maintain its flawless line in your landscape. We use high-quality edger or weed-eater machines to separate those planting beds from the landscape. This type of lawn mowing service Spokane adds perfection to the final look of your lawn at home or office.

spokane law aerating


Trust on the hands of our aeration professionals who offer annual lawn aeration service with no-obligation and upfront questions. We assure you 100 percent customer satisfaction. Once you contact us, our certified specialists will visit your property as you scheduled to survey the outdoor space, lawn condition, and possible work extent.

spokane lawn thatching


One of the common lawn care services Spokane we have done is thatching. Lawn mowing in Spokane is not just about cutting grass. We do thatching to help lawns mature to allow a layer for thatch (excess of 0.5 inch deep) or once snow mold appears.

We also conduct dethatching for a full lawn care service Spokane.

spokane awn fertilizing


We use the safest and most effective type of yard fertilizer to achieve picturesque settings and natural landscape right in your home. Our Spokane lawn mowing process becomes more interesting because of the presence of the four seasons.

spokane lawn weeding and weed control

Weeding and Weed Control

Probably you have asked yourself ‘where is the best lawn care near me for weed control?’ Well, our lawn mowing Spokane team will handle all your lawn maintenance tasks. We will be your one-stop shop for lawn service Spokane WA. Just give us a call and we will get back to you with information.

spokane yard cleanup

Yard Cleanup

We will do the most daunting yard clean up jobs for you. Where is the lawn service near me? This is the question you have probably asked upon seeing those tall grasses and messy landscape surfaces. We are here to help you from the start until you see the final result.

spokane lawn restoration

Lawn Restoration

“Where is the yard service near me?” “Is there reliable lawn maintenance near me?” These are the common questions you would ask yourself if you start seeing the bad condition of your lawn. Luckily, our specialists will come to save it. We will conduct full lawn restoration to bring back or improve the beauty of your landscape.

Contact us today for a free lawn care quote!

About Spokane Washington

Spokane is Washington’s second biggest city and a part of Spokane County in the United States. The latest update on its population in 2020 is over 233, 000 people.

Spokane is a metropolitan area which comprises different manufacturing, transportation, commercial, entertainment hub, and shopping establishments. The city’s economy has been originally based on natural resources or relying on extractive products coming from forests, mines, and farms. Later on, it has diversified to other industries such as healthcare and technology.

It is known as an ideal place for some outdoor adventures and tasty foods made by the best chefs. Some of its surrounding cities include:

  • Spokane Valley, WA
  • Liberty Lake, WA
  • Greenacres, WA
  • Airway Heights, WA
  • Mead, WA
  • Colbert, WA
  • Valleyford, WA
  • Four Lakes, WA
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

How Short Can You Mow the Lawn?

We want to inform our clients that we use 3 ¼ inches of blade length when mowing during fall or spring seasons and we use 4 inches in the summertime. This way, we can assure you of the aesthetic and optimal health of the lawn.

Mowing lawn shorter than this standard length damages grassroots and even encourages diseases. It can also boost weed growth while it can destroy the overall beauty of the lawn.

How Long Does It Take to See Results from a Lawn Treatment?

It normally takes at least fourteen days to wait before seeing results from a lawn treatment during ideal situations. For atmospheric conditions, they affect the plant uptake of herbicides and nutrients. So, it may take at least seven days or at the fourteenth day mark.

What Should I Do After Treatment?

Just like what other lawn companies do, they recommend mowing your lawn twenty-four (24) hours after the treatments and less than 3 days after the treatments.

How Do I Pay the Bill?

You will receive an invoice that may be sent to you via email. We make sure that the project has been done first before charging to your bank account.

Customer Testimonials

I am amazed how affordable the services are, but still received quality results for lawn mowing service! I am highly recommending this company for their hard work. I finally found the right lawn mowing service near me.

Greg R

I have tried several lawn care services near me, but I like how prompt that the customer representative from this company responded to my inquiries about their services. It went so smoothly and they were able to provide all the information I want to know. This is also a cheap lawn service near me.

Sarah L

For a long time, I have been searching for the best lawn companies near me and I finally found this lawn service Spokane Wa! They surely provided me with quality and professional service. They completed the project on time as promised. This is one of the best lawn companies near me.

Blake A

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Lawn Care Spokane looks forward to working with you in your future residential or industrial lawn care Spokane projects. We are confident that our track record in this field and the testimonies of our loyal clients will make us more deserving of your trust.

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